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Labor and Honey

My contractions started at the movie theater, while I was watching La La Land. The exciting part of labor was having my husband feed me thickly buttered toast in bed in between contractions around midnight – that’s when I still could swallow food. By sunrise, I got to that point when you start to feel like you’re […]

Beautiful Aria Sofia

The Birth of Aria Sofia Throughout my pregnancy I wished for and visualized a successful home birth with both grandmothers present. I was ten days past my “due date” and had been having prodromal labor for about two weeks. That evening that the contractions began coming regularly. We started timing them, excited that it felt like […]

Poetry of Birth

My world shifted on its axis in 4 days time. At home, in twilight colors with shades drawn, Anticipation beating a slow drum With cymbal rolls of pain, Wave upon wave of it. My mate draws close, circling, on guard. I’m nervous, new, tremulously fighting But it wears you down, it’s relentless. It has to break you, […]