Poetry of Birth

The art of birth is the art of compassion
The art of birth is the art of compassion
My world shifted on its axis in 4 days time.
At home, in twilight colors with shades drawn,
Anticipation beating a slow drum
With cymbal rolls of pain,
Wave upon wave of it.
My mate draws close, circling, on guard.
I’m nervous, new, tremulously fighting
But it wears you down, it’s relentless.
It has to break you, to make room.
A dark cloud descends after two days
Filling my brain, my birthing cave
Doubts, second guesses, desperation,
Frustration, fear,
And the pain. The pain.
I was being broken, slowly.
A silver lining I could see but not feel-
The uniqueness of it all, and the fleeting nature…3 days and I knew-
Could feel the beginnings of a cataclysmic
Tectonic plates of self rubbing against each other.
That constant cymbal din.
My mate gnashing his teeth.
And then it was time.
Like the earthquake that moves the sea,
My waters heralded his coming.
The other part in me took over
And dug in for life,
For my life, his life, our life,
The painful cymbal retreating
At long last.
Strength. To survive such a world-shaking.
Light again, in our cave,
Warm afternoon light, and peace,
And blood on the floor.
After 4 days.
And a new voice echoing in our space
And in my soul.

Tyler was born with the help of Dr Sarita Bennett, Dominique Clothiaux and my wonderful husband Paul Febuary 27th, 2016 @ 4:15pm at our home in Charlottesville, Va 7lbs 6oz